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CLICK is a full service electrical company specializing in sales and installation of electrical vehicle charging capabilities.

Electric vehicles are no longer the future. They are the now!!! With auto manufacturers like GM, Volkswagen, Tesla, Ford and Hyundai pouring billions of dollars into the EV segment, there is no turning back.

Where do EV owners want to charge??? At Home!!!

When polled, EV owners said there’s undoubtably NO substitute to the convenience of being able to charge right at home.

Just like plugging in a cell phone at the end of the day, all EV owners prefer to wake up to a fully-charged vehicle, ready to take on whatever the day brings.

Home Charging Sales & Installation

Looking for an easy, no hassle, no worry way to keep your electric vehicle charged and ready?

Apartment Charging Sales & Installation

Providing easy low to no cost charging solutions for multi-unit apartments, condos, and townhouses.



CLICK can customize electric vehicle charging capabilities no matter where you'd like to charge and no matter what the challenges may be. Rather indoor or outdoor, we have the solution.


CLICK owner operators have been in the automotive and electrical business for over 20 years. Understanding a customer's needs and knowing how to deliver precisely is paramount at CLICK.


Knowing you can depend on someone when needed makes choosing a partner easy. From the beginning of consultation through installation and throughout ownership of your EV chargers, CLICK is with you hand-in-hand the entire way.

We Offer the Best Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our EV charging solutions are empowering neighborhoods across America with state-of-the-art EV technology providing time saving, convenience, and peace of mind.

High Power Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Professional Certified EV Charger Installation

Convenient Mobile App to View Usage & Data

Reliable Customer Support

Are you a current or future Tesla owner?


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