Attract more tenants
Increase revenue stream
Increase property value


If you REPRESENT AN HOA or if you OWN OR MANAGER A PROPERTY WITH RENTERS, there’s never been a better time to prepare your properties for the steady inflow of residents who already have an electric vehicle or plan to get one. Multi-unit residents are looking for the same conveniences that car owners in single family homes have. The ability to “CHARGE AT HOME.”

Adding Charging Capabilities Will Allow You To:

• Become More Competitive
• Attract Higher Income Residents
• Increase Your Property And Rent Values
• Market Your Property As A Green Leader Brand
• Future Proof Your Housing Community

Electric vehicle sales have shown a healthy growth over the past few years and are continuing to grow at an astronomical rate. AS A RESULT, THE NEED FOR EV CHARGING CAPABILITIES FOR APARTMENTS AND CONDOS WILL CONTINUE TO RISE.

Consumers purchasing electric vehicles need access to charging stations.
For most drivers this starts with CHARGING AT HOME.

What Click Electric Can Do For Your Properties

Access to Rebates

Gain access to profitable rebates available to you via Federal and State sustainability programs.

VIP Amenities

Offer VIP amenities to your tenants creating a demand for an exclusive living environment.

Add Property Value

Multiple ways to Increase the value of your properties by adding EV capabilities.

Reliable Support

Get priority support and servicing for both owner management and tenants alike.

Without existing quality and ample vehicle charging capabilities, this certainly limits your apartment or condo’s appeal to an entire segment of renters or buyers.

The time is now to add EV charging capabilities to your apartment or condo community for residents and guests!!