5 Things Tesla Cars Do Better Than Other EV’s For 2022

5 Things Tesla Cars Do Better Than Other EV’s For 2022

If you live or work in the Los Angeles area, you would have noticed that more Tesla cars are on the road today than ever before. So, what makes Tesla EV’s superior to other electric vehicles on the market? Why did Tesla get the most buyers in the EV market in 2021?

The secret is that Tesla has some advantages over their competition, and until competing brands catch up or offer these features, Tesla will continue to win more buyers, not just in Los Angeles but all over the world.

If you are in the market for an electric car in 2022, we have compiled a list of five things that Tesla cars do better that might interest you. We have also included the best and easiest way to install Tesla home charging stations, especially in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Tesla’s Superchargers

While most Tesla owners, and even most EV owners, charge their vehicles at home, sometimes, it is necessary to charge in public. You might be on a long trip or simply forgot to plug in at home. Some EV owners do not have access to off-street parking, making installing their own charging stations impossible. When you do find yourself needing a charge while out and about, you are better off with a Tesla.

This is because being a Tesla owner entitles you to charge at any of the Superchargers in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Apart from being fast, the Superchargers are usually well-maintained, meaning you are more likely to find them in good shape, unlike other third-party charging networks.

Also, more and more Superchargers are being installed all over heavily populated areas. Globally, there are more than 30,000 chargers that you can use. In Los Angeles alone, you will currently find slightly more than 70 Supercharger stations to choose from. This makes it easy for Tesla owners to embark on long trips. The cars even have a feature that allows them to help you plan your route so that you are not too far away from public chargers.

Note that the less you use fast DC chargers, the better because they accelerate degradation, meaning your battery loses capacity faster. The best method to charge your EV is with a Level 2 charger, and we have included how you can easily install your home charging station the right way at the end of this article.

Tesla Driving Ranges

Driving ranges are crucial for an EV owner because it determines how far they can go before stopping for a charge. This, in turn, depends on the battery’s capacity or how much charge it can hold.

Tesla cars are known for their class-leading ranges. In fact, the CEO once canceled a trim because the range was not satisfactory.

The Model 3, for example, lasts 257 miles on the lowest trim. The Model 3 Long Range trim lasts 334 miles, while the Model S gets a whopping 405 miles! This means you can drive further than most other brands and can even make it to Las Vegas from L.A. on a single full charged battery.

The exceptional ranges of Tesla cars are courtesy of the unique battery the company designs itself. It has a new battery that promises to make future Tesla cars long-lasting between charges.

Tesla Software Updates

Did you know that Tesla cars are supercomputers on wheels? That is how the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk describes his company’s cars. This is true because the software aspect of Tesla vehicles is key to the excellent ownership experience that Tesla owners rave so much about. Musk even provides details on upcoming updates through his Twitter account.

Unlike other brands where you have to drive to the dealership to receive any updates, Tesla will deliver its software updates straight to your car while you are parked, of course.

Through the auto-updates, Tesla adds or unlocks all the new features. For example, the company can add a new game for you to enjoy, it can also improve the UI (User Interface) of the central console to navigate your menu better.

Tesla also regularly updates its autonomous driving software to add new and more efficient refinements for your hands-free driving experience. By owning a Tesla car, you are assured of continuous support from the manufacturer.

Tesla Entertainment

While your vehicle has one job of taking you from point A to point B, Tesla wants you to actually enjoy using the car. This is why entertainment is a big deal to the company.

At the center of the in-car entertainment is the center console, which you can control by touch. Recent models have made the screen in landscape, making it easier to watch media.

Through the screen, you can play games, even using wireless controllers. The company claims the games are on par with what you get on your PS5 or Xbox.

Or if you prefer you or your passengers could watch a movie. There is a Netflix app to catch up with your favorite shows while you are inside your car. Or you can watch your movie by connecting an external storage device.

There is also a Karaoke function that lets you sing along to a vast selection of songs and lyrics in different languages.

Of course, you have to be parked to do all these, but they are a nice way to stay occupied while charging in public, for example.

Tesla’s Extra Features

There are many other features that make Tesla cars stand out from the rest, although we won’t be able to cover them all, here are a few.

They include:

  • Virtual Easter eggs that simply make the car more fun to use
  • Sentry mode that records when somebody hits your vehicle and sends you an alert through the Tesla app
  • Autopilot that lets the car take over some of the driving
  • Dog Mode for keeping your pets safe when you need to lock them in the car while you do something else
  • A frunk or trunk at the front (other EV makers have been copying this feature)
  • An explicit lyrics blocker to protect the tender ears of your children, and more.


Tesla is in a class of their own and continues to stay ahead of their competitors by implementing futuristic outside of the box approaches to making their customers feel awesome when driving or being driven in one of their premium electric vehicles.

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