How To Select The Best Tires For Your EV

Electric vehicles have fundamental differences from traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars. This is why it is necessary to make some adjustments in how drivers interact with their vehicles. For example, electric cars have some special tire requirements, and this article looks into how you can select the best tires for your EV.

Below are factors you should consider when before picking tires for your EV.

How Tires Affect Your Driving Range

The amount of power in your battery determines how far you can drive. Your tires could, in turn, determine how fast the battery is depleted based on their rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance tires, for instance, reduce the work your car must do to move over the surface of the road. This means a more extended battery for you as less power will be consumed by the vehicle. This is in addition to enjoying much quieter rides.

Your Electric Vehicle Is Heavier

Electric cars are generally more massive than similarly sized petrol or gasoline cars. This is due to the extra weight of the battery, which can add up to 30 percent more mass. This translates to more mass or weight for your tires to bear, and you have to factor in the additional pressure. The sidewalls of the tires must be strong enough to consistently hold that weight.

Your Electric Vehicle Produces More Torque

One of the joys of electric vehicles is the near-instant torque they produce. However, the exciting torque places more stress on your tires. You must select tires that don’t wear out fast to avoid your tires losing their grip on the road.

Electric Vehicles Do Not Produce Noise, But Your Tires Still Do

You may not notice the sound of the tires on your combustion car because the noise from the engine is louder. However, that is not the case with electric vehicles. The quiet operation of the electric motor makes the noise produced by the tires gripping the road quite noticeable. It could be pretty annoying; hence you should choose well-balanced and quiet tires.

How Do You Drive?

Your driving habits affect how long your tires last. For example, if you constantly push your electric vehicle to the limit by speeding, your tires may not last really long due to the increased acceleration. However, if you drive more steadily, the tires will last longer.

If your driving style is in the former category, you need to get sturdy tires that can withstand the rigor. In fact, as an electric vehicle driver, it is advisable to avoid too fast of acceleration to reduce how often you have to take sharp turns.

Different Seasons May Require Separate Tires

For electric vehicle owners that live in places where the seasons change remarkably, it is essential to factor in the weather conditions when purchasing tires. For example, if you drive during the winter or on icy roads, you should get the tires designed for that. You may need to have more than one set of tires for your car to take care of year-round driving.

Seek Advice

If you are new to electric cars, it might help to consult with an experienced auto mechanic before choosing tires. You will likely get advice or recommendation based on your exact model of car. This article should prepare you with the right questions to ask before purchasing your next tires for your electric vehicle.

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