Options for Charging Your EV at Home?

What are Your Options for Charging Your EV at Home?

When you switch to electric vehicles, one of the first things you will notice is the ease of charging the battery. Unlike internal combustion engine cars, you can refuel literally at the privacy of your own home!

Even though you can use rapid public chargers whenever one is available, home charging offers the greater benefits and advantages. Let us explore the options you have when selecting your chargers and the advantages of charging your electric vehicle at home.

Home Charging Options

You have two options of chargers: Level 1 Charger and Level 2 Charger

Level 1 Charging

This is the easiest of all charging methods as you do not need any modification to your existing home wiring supposing that your outlet is located right next to your vehicle. You can plug it into a regular home socket as it uses 120-volt outlets. Some additional electrical wiring may be needed if your socket position is not near your parked vehicle.

Level 1 chargers are usually standard with EVs, so you are not buying extra hardware. However, they have the least charging speeds, typically supplying 3 to 5 miles per hour or less depending upon weather conditions.

By charging your EV overnight you can expect to add 30-50 miles of range, which is sufficient for some commuters. A Level 1 full charge for an empty EV battery can take over 24 hours to charge.

Level 2 Charging

This type of charger requires a more elaborate setup as it uses 240-volt outlets. Level two charger installation may require you to modify your home wiring, which has to be handled by a trained EV technician.

Level 2 chargers use SAE J1772 connectors and supply much more power to the EV than a Level 1 charger, reaching between 18 and 28 miles of range per hour. This option will give you allow you to get a full charge on your EV in 8 hours or less.

Some public facilities have Level 2 charging installations which they offer as perks to their customers or employees sometimes at a fee. When more than two Level 2 chargers are maintained, software packages can combine them into a network and handle scheduling and billing.

Advantages of Home Charging

When you charge your EV at home, you get the following benefits:


Charging your EV is as easy as remembering to plug in your vehicle after returning from work, just like you plug in your phone. When you plug in overnight, you can wake up to a full battery if you use a Level two charger.

Lower Cost

Level 2 charger cost is very convenient, both for the hardware and the electricity. Some state governments offer incentives and rebates that even bring down Level 2 charger costs.

It is less expensive to charge your EV at home than at rapid public charging stations. You can take advantage of periods of lower energy tariffs, such as during the night or on weekends. Some utility companies also have plans that target EV owners.

Level 2 charging installation is becoming more popular as more people switch to electric vehicles. Rental property owners are now offering home charging stations to make their properties more attractive and convenient for their tenants.

The installation is best left to experts in the EVSE sector, which is why you should give us a call when you are ready for your Level 2 charger installation. Our team of professionals makes sure that you get the best equipment in terms of quality while keeping your Level 2 charger cost as low as possible.

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